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Tech Specs: The ISOBUS Implement Connector (IBIC) from Powell Electronics is a solution for connecting implements to the tractor in the ISO 11783-2 protocol for the electrical connection of agricultural vehicles. The connector should be used for any application that requires power and CANBUS communication. Made from premium noncorrosive materials, the connector’s design ensures survival in the harshest environments. The strain relief with integrated cable clamp means no more wear and tear on operator’s hands from the screws and tabs that the old style connectors use. The breakaway connector is easy to populate with standard crimp tooling and saves labor time.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified Component

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WOW Factor: The connector offers fast and easy assembly. If there is any damage to the bayonet of the connector, spares will be available. Rings are extremely easy to replace, which can even be done in the field by the tractor operator with basic tooling.

AIRSCOUT — Dual Dry Application System


Tech Specs: The brand new dual tank dry box from Airscout is made to fit the Hagie STS14 and STS16 sprayers. It uses a high volume air system that can deliver products from two independent boxes to booms as large as 120 feet in length. It also has individual section control to not only shut off areas of the boom, but variable-rate control each section. The boxes are built entirely from stainless steel and may also be used to apply dry fertilizers. Switching between the liquid tank and the dry boxes can be accomplished in only a couple of hours. Calibration is simple because the boxes are mounted on load cells, and electronic control is done wirelessly through a portable tablet.

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WOW Factor: The dual dry system allows the applicator to apply 2 different dry products, flat or variable-rate and with 8 section/rate control. This includes two different cover crops, a cover crop and dry fertilizer or two dry fertilizers.

PRAXIDYN — Mixmate


Tech Specs: The most important factors to consider when choosing a precision mixing system are price, connection and simplicity. The Mixmate system from Praxidyn uses CANBUS to simplify the electrical connection to be modular and flexible. Data synchronizes between the systems in the field and the office through the company’s Intersect Cloud Service and API connections. A work order makes the system fast and easy to use in the field. An operator selects the job and the app populates with the plan for the mixing operation. The operator only has to follow the prompts to complete the mixing and the records are automatic. The system can be easily added to existing manual systems to give operators a low-cost upgrade to automation.

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WOW Factor: This is the first mixing system designed with data integration and portability. No other system offers the features and flexibility for automated mixing and record keeping.

KONDEX CORP. — KX7 Concaves


Tech Specs: The KX7 Concaves from Kondex Corp. deliver better threshing, greater productivity and a customized solution to farmer’s individual crop and field conditions. The units are half the width of most traditional concaves, offered in either MaxThresh or MaxRound assemblies and feature heat-treated or laser clad replaceable box inserts for extended product life. These concaves undergo extensive quality assurance testing and are designed to fit with no machine modification.

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WOW Factor: The units provide 10-15% more productivity, 15-20% greater capacity, improved threshing and reduced grain loss and plugging.

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