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Tech Specs: The PSR Tactile Row Guidance system from Reichhardt Electronic Innovations uses tactile sensors for accuracy and durability in corn and adapts the proven TAC row guidance solution used for over 10 years on combines to self-propelled sprayers. When corn reaches a height of 3-4 feet, the flexible sensors are activated by contacting the crop. Two sensor sets are used on sprayers to read 4 corn rows to optimize accuracy. The optional PSR Combi-Mode feature allows for GPS guidance into the next pass and then switches 100% to row sensing for optimal performance, which maximizes acres covered for late season nitrogen. The PSR ISO iBox navigation controller allows the user interface to be accessible on a virtual terminal (VT).

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified Component Exclusively Aftermarket Product

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WOW Factor: The system provides guidance in 20, 22 and 30 inch corn rows without the requirement of GPS correction. The tactile sensors compensate for planter movement by sensing where the corn emerged and then follows directly in the row reducing crop damage. The PSR Gap Detection feature detects when a planter skip or waterway is encountered and maintains the steering position to stay in the row.



Tech Specs: For growers seeking an integrated steering experience, the SteerCommand from Ag Leader Technology can be paired with the GPS 6500 for repeatable, precision steering via RTK correction. Nine-axis terrain compensation accommodates for rolling ground and driving through waterways, ditches and over terraces. The system is compatible with custom installation kits for over 600 different vehicles.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory Installed

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WOW Factor: The system increases uptime with StableLoc accurate steering, even when the operator’s correction signal is temporarily lost, by transitioning to the next available signal source. When the signal is restored, the system will then transition back to the higher accuracy source, eliminating position jumps.

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