Here are the most popular items we've put up on from the month of November.

The top article this month focused on news of Kinze's motion to block John Deere from accessing a wide variety of internal documents about the company's planting equipment business. John Deere was also the subject of another top article for the month enhance as the company enhanced functionality to its Operations Center, announcing a new software release for its cloud-based platform.

Here's the entire list:

1. Kinze Files Motion to Block Deere

2. John Deere Operations Center Adds Mobile Apps & Mapping Functions

3. Reichhardt Launches Pilot Sensing System for Sprayers

4. Developing a Strategy for Precision Soil Sampling

5. DJI Introduces Agras MG 1 Spraying Drone

6. Trimble Launches New Agriculture Software Platform

7. Claas and Trimble Announce Factory Installed Display Option for Lexion Combines

8. Topcon and SDF Sign Letter of Intent to Partner in Agriculture Market

9. A Positive Spin During a Down Cycle

10. 5 Things to Consider When Starting Variable-Rate

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