Sunco’s NutriMate 3’s 2 x 2 starter fertilizer placement creates the largest yield increase of any starter treatment due to the fertilizer being placed directly in the root zone, not in the seed furrow which can lead to seedling damage. The row unit mounted design is pulled through the field and pivots which eliminates parallel linkage stress and minimizes seed bed disturbance. The NutriMate 3 also features one smooth and one notched disc which maintains rotating to prevent disc slippage and plugging. Additionally, the NutriMate 3 offers two horizontal and three vertical placement locations. The NutriMate 3 is available in liquid and dry fertilizer versions.

The Sunco NutriFloater pairs the NutriMate 3 with Floating Saber Tooth Row Cleaners compatible with the Precision Planting CleanSweep System for in cab down pressure control. The floating row cleaners with high wear polymer depth bands follow the contours of fields consistently, clearing yield robbing residue without gouging. Upgrade kits are available for customers who currently own NutriMate 3’s or Pin Adjust Saber Tooth Row Cleaners.

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