There are many factors that go into making a precision field day successful. Weather, attendance and other variables can complicate the execution of a precision field day.,

Dealers from around the country have best practices for a successful field day during a roundtable discussion. The first point is that a clear goal is essential for an effective event.

Precision field days can be focused on sales or education. Deciding which goal is more important to your dealership will change the focus of the event.

Educational precision field days should be focused on the customers and their opportunity to learn about the technology. Some dealers warn not to push for a sale too much when educating, because it can be off-putting for customers.

“I don’t mind selling stuff, but that’s the customer’s day, let them learn,” says Ken Larsen of Vetter Equipment in Storm Lake, Iowa.  “The more they learn, the more they look on the internet, the more they look on the internet, the more they call you and when they call, they’ll buy again.”

Several dealers emphasize the importance of targeting your customer base. Phone calls and direct mailers are effective ways to reach your ideal customers because they are personal.

Dealers also describe using social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, to advertise a precision field day. Providing food at events is a great incentive to encourage attendees, but dealers note there’s a balance between those attending to learn and those attending just for the food.

In the end, a successful precision field day must be a shared effort. Many dealers describe their experiences with these events as frustrating because the entire day was planned by just one or two people.

Spreading the responsibilities across several departments will ensure that the entire organization is committing to putting on the best field day to represent your organization.

A challenge dealers often face is dealing with experienced customers and new customers. These attendees require different information and shouldn’t be treated the same.

Organize a flexible event, where new customers are able to learn the basics and veteran customers can dig deep and have their questions answered. Breakout sessions are an efficient way to provide different information to diverse customers.

Dealers also suggest providing information on both legacy and new technology can ensure you’re providing customers with educational information about all the equipment you sell.