Trimble – Advisor Prime


Tech Specs: Advisor Prime is a web-based platform to help crop advisors streamline the process of creating and sharing management zones and variable-rate prescriptions, as well as an integrated mobile app for crop scouting and soil sampling. Farmers benefit by leveraging the same web-based platform for entering field records, tracking fleet locations and managing precision farming data.


Users will reduce data entry errors created by repetitive field-by-field procedures, cut out hours of processing time and eliminate steps in transferring data back to farmers.


Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions – Weed Scouting


Tech Specs: The xarvio weed scouting app employs image recognition technology to assist farmers at any level. The downloadable app allows you to go into the field, snap a picture of a weed or disease and identify it at an early stage and go back to create a management plan. The app is useful for experienced agronomists to scout fields more efficiently.


The immediate weed and disease recognition technology serves as a tool for users with less of an agronomy background, allowing them to report the findings to experts and develop prevention plans accurately.


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