NovAtel – TerraStar Correction Services


Tech Specs: NovAtel TerraStar corrections combined with OEM7 positioning technology delivers highly reliable centimeter to sub-meter positioning accuracies to meet farmers varied agriculture steering and control systems needs. The system utilizes a global network of reference stations, advanced orbit and clock estimation algorithms and Geostationary satellites to transmit corrections directly to the operator’s receiver to provide a seamless operational experience. TerraStar-C PRO delivers 3 cm or 1.2-inch accuracy (95%) that initializes under 18 minutes and is ideal for strip-till, planting or seeding row crops. The broad accuracy solution, TerraStar-L, provides 15 cm or 6-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and 20-inch repeatable accuracy (95%) in under 5 minutes and is best suited for broad acre applications such as fertilizer applications and tillage. RTK Assist and RTK Assist Pro powered by TerraStar corrections allows existing RTK users to maximize uptime by allowing centimeter level positioning during RTK correction outages due to cellular or radio signal interruptions and network connectivity issues.


Corrections are delivered directly to the receiver from geostationary satellites eliminating the cost and the need to deploy and maintain a base station or cellular modem. TerraStar uses highly redundant infrastructure including a worldwide network of over 100 reference stations, geographically separated network control centers, multiple geostationary satellites broadcast and 24/7/365 monitoring.


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