DESHLER, Neb. — Growers now have a new smart irrigation tool that provides advanced control options from a customizable display. Reinke introduces RPM Advanced Plus, a main control panel that combines multiple controls with a simple to use touchscreen.  

“Growers told us that they wanted to be able to customize their own panels but still have something that was easy to program,” said Reinke President Chris Roth. “Advanced Plus was designed for those growers – giving them a simple touchscreen panel with advanced options.”

Advanced Plus makes controlling pivots easier while offering enhanced options without the need to upgrade to the Preferred Panel, saving growers money. The panel is easy to program, giving growers access to the electronic flow meter input, independent pump control, pressure restart and more.

Advanced Plus is ReinCloud-Ready, which makes it easier for growers to have remote access control for increased efficiencies and peace of mind. It’s available with new systems and as a panel replacement or upgrade on existing RPM panels. The product comes with a five-year warranty. Advanced Plus is now available through Reinke dealers.