Racine, Wis. — Case IH announces six initial partners to further promote seamless data transfer capabilities between its AFS Connect farm management system — part of the company’s Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) precision farming suite — and a budding list of service providers.

Through these partnerships, users of AFS Connect will have the ability to share their agronomic data from their management portal directly to and from these third-party service providers. In return, the service providers will have the capability to send resulting prescriptions and analysis.

“Case IH strives to give producers the freedom to access industry-leading third-party providers and consultants of their choosing,” said Kirk Wesley, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems marketing manager. “These new service provider partnerships, along with the AFS Connect data-sharing functionality, give producers a secure and convenient way to transfer agronomic data between their machines and their trusted advisers.”

Case IH customers can seamlessly share in-depth agronomic data through AFS Connect with trusted agronomic service providers to optimize productivity and in-field efficiency.

Partnering Service Providers

Case IH equipment owners and operators can connect their accounts with these agriculture-focused third-party companies to make use of their data or receive field information:

  • AgDNA: AgDNA is a farm management software platform that combines precision farming, IoT and Artificial Intelligence to help commercial crop producers increase yield, reduce input costs and maximize profitability. AgDNA is considered among the world’s most connected and comprehensive FMS platforms, helping growers make every acre count.
  • Cropio: Cropio is a global, web-based productivity management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land and enables its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations. It allows controlling daily and hourly work, machine performance and movement. Cropio can send automatic alerts in such situations as working without a plan, a signal absence and many others.
  • Farmers Business Network: Farmers Business Network (FBN) is the world's largest farmer-to-farmer network that provides transparency, benchmarking and actionable insights into agronomic practices, input price data and seed performance, in addition to helping farmers market their crops, get financing, and lock in crop insurance and health insurance. It leverages network demand to decrease costs and increase farmer profitability for its members.
  • Farmers Edge: Farmers Edge is a global leader in decision agriculture servicing over 22 million paid product acres worldwide with precision digital solutions. Integrating field-centric data, easy-to-use software, state-of-the-art processing technology, predictive modeling and advanced analytics, Farmers Edge provides growers with scalable solutions to produce more with less.
  • Mapshots AgStudio & Granular: AgStudio, the central tool within the MapShots’ suite of products, is a fifth- generation agronomic data management software application. AgStudio provides a high degree of task automation, simplifying working with large volumes of data. AgStudio supports a logical workflow from automating soil testing to facilitating the generation of variable rate fertility and variable rate seeding recommendations.
  • Trimble Ag Software: Trimble Ag Software is the only fully integrated desktop, cloud and mobile software solution on the market today. Users of Farmer Fit or Farmer Pro offerings would utilize this API connection.

A new plug-in tool from Case IH, using AgGateway’s ADAPT, is one way for new companies and agronomic service providers to create connections with AFS Connect.

New Platform Streamlines Process for Partners

To help producers optimize their operations, Case IH offers multiple ways for new companies and agronomic service providers to create connections with AFS Connect. We encourage Case IH customers to invite the agronomic companies they do business with to become trusted third-party partners with AFS Connect from Case IH. Any software service that does not already have a connection can get started online through the CNH Industrial Developer Portal or the new plug-in tool from Case IH, using AgGateway’s ADAPT.

The CNH Industrial Developer Portal allows companies to establish secure agronomic data exchange for the convenience of their customers who own and manage Case IH farm equipment. The site serves as the entry point for companies requesting online application program interface or offline methods of data exchange. Customers must grant permission to allow any data exchange through their account on AFS Connect.

The new plug-in tool, using AgGateway’s ADAPT, makes it easier to provide services on Case IH equipment. In addition, Case IH is a proud member of AgGateway, an industry-wide effort to enable the agriculture’s digital transition.

“Case IH is creating a digital ecosystem for producers to more efficiently and more securely manage their data,” Wesley said. “These partnerships advance our longstanding data-based focus on agronomy and machine optimization for the Case IH brand and its customers.”

For more information, visit your local Case IH dealer or www.caseih.com.