OMAHA, Neb. — Lindsay, a global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, announced that FieldNET Pivot Watch is now available through local Zimmatic dealers in the United States and Canada. Announced earlier this year, FieldNET Pivot Watch is an ultra-low-cost, monitor-only solution that makes remote irrigation management more accessible than ever before.

“FieldNET Pivot Watch is a significant addition to our FieldNET family of remote irrigation management products, essentially extending our telemetry offering and remote irrigation monitoring capabilities to anyone who wants it,” said Albert Maurin, sales and tactical marketing manager at Lindsay. “It’s compact, affordable and attaches directly to the span pipe with a simple aluminum band. There’s no need to tap into the pivot’s electrical circuitry, which means growers will have the ability to install Pivot Watch themselves.”

Compatible with any brand of pivot, electric or hydraulic, FieldNET Pivot Watch has integrated cellular connectivity, GPS positioning and other embedded sensors, giving growers the ability to remotely monitor their pivot’s functions, including current position, status, direction and speed via the FieldNET mobile app.

Eight new beta crops recently were introduced to FieldNET Advisor — canola, carrots, mint, oats, onions, pasture (forage — first year and established) and sweet potatoes. New features and enhancements also have been added to increase the scalability and reliability of the platform while further simplifying the user experience for growers and agronomists.

New features are now available for use when making adjustments to crops’ available water settings. Other new features give growers the ability to:

  • Download water and crop growth information;
  • View FieldNET Advisor predictions from past dates; and
  • Adjust refill levels by soil zone.

Enhancements include:

  • Simplified navigation and usability; and
  • Improved support of multiple crop zones by allowing variable safety buffers.

The FieldNET mobile app also has been updated with new features, including:

  • A new indicator on the equipment dashboard that shows which end guns are currently operating;
  • Improved user experience for setting GPS barriers and service stops; and
  • The addition of a pivot position indicator that displays when making adjustments to barrier areas, service stops and end guns.

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