Topcon – TAP Smart Cart


Tech Specs: As part of its TAP platform, Topcon’s new Smart Cart solution is designed to provide farmers with the capability to gather highly accurate, weight-verified, geo-referenced harvest data that automatically uploads to TAP for visualizing, post processing, and yield reporting. When farmers have connected the combine to TAP or uploaded their yield maps manually, the capability to retrieve HD Yield map layers from TAP becomes available. Another new yield monitoring solution, the YM-2 YieldTrakk yield monitoring system now services crops using conveyor-type harvesters, such as potatoes, sugarbeets, grapes, onions and tomatoes. These solutions combined with the Smart Cart solution are intended to provide the foundation farmers need to be on the one step ahead of digital farm management.


Topcon’s (TAP) subscriptions and cloud connectivity devices — Cloudlynk — are available worldwide and are designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine, implement or technology.


Trimble – AutoSync


Tech Specs: Trimble AutoSync automatically syncs guidance lines, field names, boundaries, landmarks and operator information across Trimble Ag Software and Trimble displays using the Precision-IQ field application. Precision-IQ is used to collect and manage data from in-field activities. By reducing human error and eliminating the need to manually share data via USB, this
functionality improves overall farm record integrity. 


AutoSync is included with Trimble Ag Software subscriptions to Farmer Core, Farmer Fit or Farmer Pro. With AutoSync, Farmer Core significantly reduces duplication, data re-entry and human error because the creation and ongoing management of field and operator information — whether online, via the Trimble Ag mobile app or on the display — is automatically synced within minutes across the entire farm operation.


Fieldin – Smart Spray & Harvest 


Tech Specs: Fieldin has assembled a comprehensive AgPest data set that allows farmers to put the company’s knowledge base and real-time field data to work. Using proprietary sensors and its scouting app, the platforms connect every stage of the pest management lifecycle — from field scouting and spray planning, to execution and analysis. The process starts with data collection through smart sensors installed on the equipment list provided by your operation, followed by data recorded in real-time and transmitted to the Fieldin platform for analysis with other machinery, operators and field conditions. Recommendations and conclusions are then available in the dashboard, or emailed reports, for real-time analysis and management.


The scouting app allows users to identify pest types, severity levels, phonological stage and re-entry intervals. Trap and pest hotspots maps display critical data such as type, measurements and pull/set date and then field report summaries are developed, including notes and geo-tagged photos.


Main Street Data – MarketVision 


Tech Specs: MarketVision by Main Street Data, is a web-based grain-marketing tool that helps growers optimize their grain trading and profits. It can be used during the growing season to estimate harvest yield as the season progresses and assist the grower in timing grain marketing decisions. The tool incorporates weather data from IBM and provides local weather conditions, market views and grain marketing information. The combination of proprietary data analytics from Main Street Data and IBM weather delivers growers a dynamic solution to optimize and enhance their grain marketing decisions.


MarketVision allows users to see indicators that support sell/hold decision-making, forecast accurate yields, know where a selected farm or crop stands financially and determine whether a particular grain sale or purchase is competitive.


Conservis – Zone Economics


Tech Specs: Zone Economics delivers actionable insights to farmers by enabling them to compare and evaluate the economic efficiency of their field practices. This tool provides a data lens to understand how their in-field decisions affect their bottom line. The platform puts farmers in a position of power by revealing answers to frequently asked questions like what part of the field is losing money, which seed rates are most profitable, was that last spray application really needed, etc. The platform requires that equipment be connected to Climate FieldView and/or John Deere Operations Center through a simple integration. That as-applied and yield data then combines with Conservis costs and activities, bringing growers an in-field economic analysis that paints the full picture. Applying actual activity costs provides growers the cost of production, right down to the square yard.


Growers can evaluate and measure field and activity performance using side-by-side comparisons. Costs and activities function as stackable layers that can be
selected to readily view application and yield analysis, allowing growers to see everything that happened on that field in a single view.


Case IH – AFS Connect Data Transfer 


Tech Specs: To further promote seamless data transfer capabilities between its AFS Connect farm management system, Case IH AFS Connect users will have the ability to share their agronomic data from their management portal directly to and from these third-party service providers. In return, the service providers will have the capability to send resulting prescriptions and analysis. Case IH equipment owners and operators can connect their accounts with these agriculture-focused third-party companies to make use of their data or receive field information: AgDNA, Cropio, Farmers Business Network, Farmers Edge, Mapshots AgStudio and Granular and Trimble Ag Software. Any software service that does not already have a connection can get started online through the CNH Industrial Developer Portal or the new plug-in tool from Case IH, using AgGateway’s ADAPT. 


The portal allows companies to establish secure agronomic data exchange for the convenience of their customers who own and manage Case IH farm equipment. The site serves as the entry point for companies requesting online application program interface or offline methods of data exchange. Customers must grant permission to allow any data exchange through their account on AFS Connect.


Intelinair – AgMRI 


Tech Specs: AgMRI uses proprietary, patented technology to collect and analyze data from numerous sources. The platform gathers high resolution aerial images, temperature readings, humidity measurements, rainfall, soil samples, terrain type, equipment utilized, planting rates, applications and more. It then harnesses the power of hyperspectral analysis, Computer Vision (CV) and Deep Learning (DL) in order to identify patterns and build a complete and precise situational representation of every monitored field for the entire
growing season. 


Information is continuously aggregated, correlated and strengthened by remembering, relating and connecting past and present situations. As the system trains on new data, it becomes stronger, smarter and more effective every day. It identifies abnormal crop conditions long before the human eye can detect and track their progress from week to week.


Premier Crop Systems – Premier Crop


Tech Specs: Premier Crop offers a customizable approach to create variable-rate nutrient and planting prescriptions, and also uses randomized, replicated trials to discover optimum product performance in each part of producers’ fields to maximize profitability. 


Premier Crop empowers growers through data-driven decisions that will impact profitable yield. The system analyzes all parts of the field to help farmers understand agronomic and economic relationships.


IntelliFarms – SureTrack PRO


Tech Specs: IntelliFarms has now expanded the capabilities of the SureTrack PRO platform and customized functionality to include tools and resources specifically for the seed industry with the SureTrack PRO — Seed Edition. The platform provides tools and resources to manage on-site and off-site inventory, build and manage grower programs and manage delivery schedules. It also provides an easy way to upload seed catalogs and trial data directly into the IntelliFarms’ unbiased seed database, YieldFax. One of the most beneficial features is the ability to manage grower programs within the system. The Seed Edition allows companies to connect with their grower bases for an in-depth look into their contracted seed storage. Growers provide view-only access allowing the seed company to see field, storage and inventory details. The SureTrack FARM system begins with seed selection, monitors field and weather conditions (above and below ground), tracks all field event activities, records and monitors critical data while being stored on-farm, and provides data all the way through on-site delivery.


SureTrack PRO works in conjunction with SureTrack FARM, the online solution for farmers and growers to select the best seed, maximize growing potential, effectively store and manage grain, and market to the best opportunities. These two systems work together to make important connections between processors, merchandisers, seed companies and grain buyers and the farmers and growers, creating opportunities for success on both sides.