JCA Electronics – Vireo Tablet


Tech Specs: The JCA Vireo is an evolution of the ISOBUS Virtual Terminal (VT) to combine the implement compatibility benefits of the ISO 11783 standard with the technology capabilities of tablet devices. The platform consists of any of the JCA Wi-Fi enabled devices (most commonly the JCA Hummingbird) and the JCA Vireo app (available for both Android and iOS devices). The Hummingbird (or other JCA controller) connects to a tractor’s ISOBUS network, and communicates the relevant ISOBUS VT messages over Wi-Fi to a tablet running the app, which then performs the functions of an ISOBUS compatible Virtual Terminal (or Universal Terminal), allowing monitoring and control of ISOBUS compatible implements.


The Vireo system is available as an out-of-the-box VT solution using a dedicated app, or can be integrated into a custom app for OEM solutions.



John Deere – 4240 Universal Display, AutoTrac Universal 300 Guidance Solution 18-2 Gen 4 Software

John Deere

Tech Specs: John Deere 4240 Universal Display, AutoTrac Universal 300 Guidance Solution and 18-2 Gen 4 Software are designed to help add a higher level of accuracy, provide access to more data and handle more applications. Features of the 4240 include video input and Ethernet ports, ISOBUS compatibility, a multi-color display screen and scalable functionality. The 4240 features an easy-to-read, high-contrast 8.4 inch touchscreen enclosed in a weather-resistant, IP65-rated shell for open-station equipment. AutoTrac Universal 300 includes easy, automatic setup; a smaller, more comfortable steering wheel and a quieter steering motor in a weather-resistant housing. It is a complement to the 4240 Display for open station tractors and other equipment and is designed to get customers into the field quickly, reliably and confidently. The Software Update 18-2 provides improvements in performance, machine uptime and cost and convenience of operation by adding customer-requested functionality. With the 18-2 software update bundle, customers using any Gen 4 Display with a v2 processor have access to basic documentation at no charge. 


View multiple map layers at the same time, and utilize third-party rate controllers and receivers for additional documentation, mapping and data analysis through the John Deere Operations Center.



CropScan – 3300H On-Combine Grain Analyzer


Tech Specs: The CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyzer measures in protein, oil, starch, fiber and moisture as grain is harvested in the field. The system includes a ruggedized NIR analyzer, a remote sampling head and a touch screen display. The system also provides farmers with real-time field maps for protein, moisture and oil and the ability to segregate and store grain in the field or on farm.


A unique feature of the system is grain logistics software with a blending estimator to optimize crop payments.