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Today’s conversation features Michael Horsch of Horsch, who traveled from Bavaria, Germany, to sit with Precision Farming Dealer editor Mike Lessiter on the first official day at his demo farm in Downs, Ill., which featured presentations and demos for top dealers and VIP farmers. Previously operated by Beck’s Hybrids, Horsch recently took over the farm as one of its education centers.

For this interview from the farm office at the newly christened Horsch Ag Vision Farm (formerly owned by Beck’s Hybrids) in Downs, Illinois, you’ll hear from Michael Horsch on a number of fascinating themes, including his early start with products no one wanted, how the fall of the Berlin Wall kept his business afloat and some strong opinions on the farmer, dealer and manufacturer relationship. Plus, what prospective dealers must be prepared to do to earn his contract.

In this podcast, you’ll hear of Michael Horsch’s 1-year stint in the U.S. as a teen, his novel innovations that he discovered no one wanted, and how the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is the only reason this “reluctant” farm equipment manufacturer is still around today. And of course, how buying the farm in Illinois has now fulfilled a dream of his that goes back nearly 40 years.

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