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Collaboration is usually the answer to solving a complex problem, and precision farming is no exception. Peer groups are a common way for small, independent dealers and larger, multi-store OEM retailers alike, to share ideas and strategies. 

While in-person meetings provide valuable face-to-face contact, the chaotic schedules of precision managers don’t always allow for coordinated sessions. In 2018, a group of John Deere precision farming managers, organized by Phil Moskal from Mid-State Equipment, began communicating via text message to assist each other with troubleshooting in-field problems or trading insight on new products or services.

Geographically diverse by design, the group has evolved in size, but maintains a non-competitive dynamic, while also encouraging candid exchanges.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast, we share excerpts from my conversation with 8 members of the peer group, who share their takeaways, expectations and future goals. Joining us were:

John Marshall, Integrated Solutions Manager, Wade Inc.

Rudy Raatz, Precision Ag Manager, SEMA Equipment

Phil Moskal, Precision Ag Solutions Manager, Mid-State Equipment

Karl Huebner, Integrated Solutions Manager, Hutson Inc. 

Kori Richter, Integrated Solutions Manager, Tractor Central 

Chad Lantz, Precision Technology Manager, TTG Equipment

Matt Wright, Integrated Solutions Manager, Legacy Equipment 

Arthur Etheridge, Integrated Solutions Manager, Shoppa’s Farm Supply

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