Peer groups are nothing new to the agricultural industry, but developing a network of external support is an increasingly valuable resource for precision farming professionals.

Joining or even forming a precision peer group of non-competitive dealers is an option to network with other specialists and trade tips, challenges and success stories.

Peer groups also can validate the path a precision business is on or help redirect it by forcing owners or managers to take a closer look at personal and professional development.

This week, we had the opportunity to host the winter meeting of the Independent Precision Ag Alliance. The precision peer group of about a dozen dealers of different sizes and locations, formed in 2010 and meets twice per year to discuss and share best practices, annual goals and vendor evaluations.

Among the topics discussed at the 2-day winter meeting was integration of the Internet of Things into customers’ operations, opportunities to include analytical tools into precision service packages and how recent and future company mergers will reshape the future of precision farming.