Farmers Edge today announced a new severe weather detection, notification, and reporting tool. Available through FarmCommand, a digital platform, the tool delivers in-depth reports with critical information required by insurance professionals to make assessments and take action, expediting what is usually a time-consuming process.

This first-of-its-kind technology merges field-centric weather data, machine learning, Daily Satellite Imagery, and crop health change detection into one easy-to-use management tool for the crop insurance industry. Insurance professionals can view active hailstorms, follow storm paths, and monitor when storms touch down on fields where their growers have existing policies. Following the hail event, instead of piecing together details from various sources, automatic notifications are generated to alert growers, agents, and adjusters to critical information, including fields affected, location, crop stage, and extent of the damage. A Crop Health Change Map provides an additional layer of field-level analytics to support assessment and claims management activities.

How the Hail Detection and Reporting Tool works:

Detection: Powered by a sophisticated severe weather monitoring system and Farmers Edge Advanced Weather Network of on-farm stations, insurance professionals and growers can access real-time, historical, and 10-day weather forecasts to identify and track risks.

Notification: The morning after a hail event occurs, growers and insurance professionals are alerted to the weather event with an email notification. Additionally, high-resolution imagery of the field is automatically analyzed from before and after the event to detect and pinpoint any potential damage or changes in crop health.

Reporting: The notification links to advanced reporting features in FarmCommand which detail the hail event rated by severity, time, location, size of affected areas, and the stage of the crop impacted. Crop adjusters can assess the damage by viewing imagery from before and after the event to make an assessment and determine action.