Many who have evolved into management roles within farm equipment dealerships haven’t achieved those positions because they excelled at managing people. It’s because they were great at their jobs and grew into being managers.

Tim Norris, former CEO of Ag Info Tech (2015 Precision Farming Dealer Most Valuable Dealership) and Belinda Hughes, experienced financial planner, and now co-owners of Box Concepts Consulting LLC, will host an interactive workshop demonstrating essential management tools and encourage you to purposefully work on your business growth plan.

The workshop, entitled “Empowering & Engaging Employees to Grow Your Dealership’s Business,” will take place ahead of the Dealership Minds Summit on Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021, and is sponsored by Machinery Pete.

 A shift from traditional centralized management to empowering your team can be a game changer. Norris and Hughes will discuss the importance of having unified vision and values, and deliver a hands-on demonstration for how a detailed plan can help you reach your short- and long-term business objectives. They will also spend time on how to find and keep qualified and engaged team members and provide a ‘Box Concepts State of the Business’ survey for your team members so you can see for yourself if your team feels engaged and empowered.

To learn more about the Pre-Summit Workshop and to register for the 2021 Dealership Minds Summit — Developing Your Homegrown Talent, visit