Considering how rapidly precision farming is penetrating row-crop farming, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that its impact is touching all areas of agriculture. But precision farming for gardeners?

I came across an article in the past week entitled, “Grid Soil Sampling: A Step Into Precision Farming,” on the website The Lazy Gardener, Online Answers and Tips for Gardeners.

Its introductory paragraph says, “Many growers ask whether to start precision farming with yield monitoring or grid soil sampling. Either step is a solid beginning to farming on a site-specific basis.”

I wonder how many growers that frequent that website were really asking about precision farming. In any case, I found the article itself (849 words) to be a pretty good primer on precision farming. And it’s another example of the impact precision technology is having on agriculture.

Which leads me to another subject area that I’ll be addressing in the July/August issue of Farm Equipment: how precision farming technologies are being used, and the benefits of its use in the hay and forage segment of the industry.

Here’s an open invitation to dealers and manufacturers to drop me a line about innovative uses of precision technologies in the production of hay and forage. Send me a note on what you’re seeing at The more innovative its uses for haying the better.