WILSONVILLE, Ore., — HoneyComb Corp. is announcing that it has retail financing for the AgDrone system available. This option includes dealer financing for sales to farmers, agronomists and others who purchase the AgDrone system.

Financing is made easy with a one page application that can be emailed or faxed and same day approval is what happens in most cases. “We know that many farmers are paying cash for ag equipment in our cost range, but there are times when financing makes more sense for them. Our system is easy to use and we want the purchase process to be as easy as it is to use the AgDrone System” said Ryan Jenson CEO of HoneyComb Corp.

The AgDrone is capable of flying 800 acres in 1 hour with two sensors on board, NIR and RGB. Flight time and data processing for a section (640 acres) is approximately 3 hours.

The system has everything needed to plan flights, fly, collect and process data. The farmer accesses the data through their own secure web portal enabling field hands and managers to see and discuss the data from where ever they are.

A complete AgDrone System with unlimited data services for 12 months is available for $20,995.00.