This page lists material that supplements the Summer 2015 Issue of Precision Farming Dealer.

Day in the Cab Video Series

Get a look into the life of Mike Houghtaling, president of Precision & Concise Agricultural Solutions, as the Day in the Cab video series takes us to Reese, Michigan.

(Supplements to the article "Building Customer Confidence with Timely Support Amid Spring Chaos" on Page 16.)

Webinar: Data Privacy and Protection

Lance Formwalt, who leads the Equipment Dealer practice group at Seigfreid Bingham in Kansas City, Mo., shares tips and tactics dealers can utilize to protect themselves and their customers from precision data disasters, along with what to expect in the future.

(Supplement to the article "Implementing Precision Data Privacy, Security and Ownership Policies" on Page 22.)

Detailed Management & Analysis of Farm Data Video

Trent Sanderson, strip-tiller near Clare, Ill., shares his approach to detailed management and analysis of farm data to make better decisions on fertilizer application, fuel usage and yield potential to provide a specific per-acre payback on their 2,000 corn and soybean operation.

(Supplement to the article "Applying Farm Data to Improve Decision Making" on Page 30.)