A Precision Farming Dealer Staff Report

Executing a polished and professional precision ag field day requires combination of planning, marketing and persistence. Here are 9 takeaways from the roundtable discussion at the 2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit.

  1. Combine a field day with a tillage field day for a broader appeal.
  2. Rather than having an all-day open house, one dealer had success creating an agenda over 2 days so those interested in specific things will know exactly when that session will be held. This allows customers to show up for what’s relevant to them and not waste time with other stuff.
  3. A common challenge is defining the event’s goal. Most agreed that their primary goal is just getting attendees.
  4. Heather Hardy, precision ag coordinate with H&R Agri-Power had success creating a 10-week “course” with a different topic each week. The sessions were promoted with video content that the dealership produced. Sessions were recorded and made available for those who couldn’t initially attend
  5. There are challenges with using direct mail to promote events. Most agreed they had more success with personal phone calls to invite customers, but struggled with non-committal people.
  6. Consider incentives like coupons or discount on parts for attendees who show up for field days.
  7. One dealer found success with having manufacturer representatives present to gain attention. Dealers talk to the customers all the time, so having a “fresh face” was an attraction. This approach also helps from a staffing and customer service standpoint. Suppliers can be additional contact points and frees up the dealers to spend more time with customers.
  8. Controversial topics/challenges can hit a nerve and generate interest. Promote events as providing solutions to prominent precision challenges or provide answers to pressing questions.
  9. Don’t disregard post-event follow-up. One dealer stressed importance of surveys to gauge attendee satisfaction and get ideas to improve.

Read full coverage of the Precision Farming Dealer Summit presentations, from how to recruit and retain precision employees, to developing a standalone precision business, to managing customers’ data, in the March 2017 issue of Farm Equipment.



Roundtable Discussion Topics

1. Precision Peer Groups: Your External Support Network
2. Tips, Tricks & Tactics for Selling Data Management Service
3. Does My Precision Ag Business Need to Have a CRM?
4. Putting on a Successful Precision Ag Field Day  (currently viewing)
5. Market Corrections: Lessons Learned During the Downturn
6. UAVs: Ready for Takeoff? Or a Grounded Technology?
7. Aftermarket Opportunities: What am I Missing?
8. Where Can I Find My Next Precision Hire?
9. Bundling Service: What to Include & How to Price
10. Better Advice for Selling RTK Subscriptions
11. Probing the Moisture Sensor & Water Management Market
12. 7 Considerations for Succession Planning for a Precision Farming Business
13. Autonomy in Ag: What Role Will I Play?
14. Bridging the Hardware Gap: Adding Agronomic Services