Sentera introduces the latest update to its high-precision sensor product line, the quad sensor. Featuring four fully customizable imagers, the multispectral Sentera quad sensor is a precision agriculture, data collection powerhouse. Quad PR

In its standard configuration, the sensor offers standard normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), green NDVI, normalized difference red edge (NDRE), and high-resolution color data capture — all in a single flight. Simultaneous collection of NDVI and NDRE data provides users with informative, accurate insights about crop health while streamlining operations. Custom filtering options provide virtually limitless configuration options. 

The Sentera Quad Sensor is used by universities, researchers, large growers and advisors to provide high precision, low distortion vegetative health data tailored for unique applications. This update improves throughput and imager performance and updates packaging for simplified integration with common drone platforms.

The filters in all four of the Quad Sensor imagers are completely customizable. Customers work directly with Sentera or an authorized reseller to configure filter and band requirements.

The Sentera Quad Sensor easily integrates with multiple commercial drones including the DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3, 3D Robotics Solo and the Sentera Phoenix fixed-wing platforms.