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In an age of never-ending technological advancements it can be difficult to step into the shoes of a farmer to determine what they really want from precision specialists.

While every customer is different, there are some expectations growers have that don’t seem to change — even while technology does. And it might be simpler than dealers think.

With the customer’s perspective in mind, farmers and ag technology experts Jeremy Wilson, specialist with Crop IMS in Effingham, Ill., and Rich Schlipf, owner of Schlipf Precision Ag in Milford, Ind., have a unique understanding of the most important things farmers want from dealers.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast brought to you by Farmers Edge, Wilson and Schlipf share candid perspectives from both sides of the precision coin, broken down by the challenges, frustrations and victories they’ve experienced adopting technology on their farms.

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Precision Farming Dealer's podcast series is brought to you by Farmers Edge.

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