When it comes to seeking finding precision technology information, most farmers believe it pays to soak up the latest ideas from a variety of sources. Yet survey results from among attendees at the 2012 National No-Tillage Conference indicates farmers rank dealers that carry precision technology equipment as the number one information source.

Several growers indicate they find some sources tend to know a great deal about precision ag while other sources don’t seem to be as informed. At the same time, they maintain it’s important to capture the best precision ag thinking from as many sources as possible.

Other farmers ranked fellow growers high in terms of being valuable information sources due to their first-hand field experiences.

Here’s how growers responded when asked to list the most knowledgeable sources to talk with about the latest precision farming technologies.

Most Valuable Precision Technology Sources % of Farmers
Precision Equipment Dealer 40%
Crop Consultant  16%
Family/friends 16%
Farm Equipment Dealer 14%
Agronomist 12%
Local cooperative 2%

— Survey of 2012 National No-Tillage Conference attendees