TURIN, Italy  Topcon Agriculture introduces TAP, the Topcon Agriculture Platform, a cloud-based agricultural ecosystem designed to provide real-time monitoring and data analysis for decision making during every phase of the farming cycle.
“The platform is part of our goal to provide advanced, smart and connected agricultural management solutions by integrating high-precision hardware, software and data. More importantly, it will be the access point for our customers to a larger ecosystem of services,” says Fabio Isaia, CEO of Topcon Agriculture. “It not only brings the Internet of Things (IoT) to the entire scope of agriculture, but it will also add value for all farm sizes to all aspects of their operations.”
TAP is designed as a modular solution with integrated third-party plug-in options to create a seamless ecosystem. In addition to the standard platform offerings such as file exchange, cloud-based storage and fleet management, the platform offers a customizable dashboard, an FMIS (farm management information system), an image capturing and processing solution and real-time remote support capabilities.
“The platform can also be offered with new Topcon telematics hardware to provide connectivity,” said Isaia. “The result is a smart, connected environment that improves operational efficiency and productivity. And our customers will benefit from the continuous expansion of services developed together with our industry-leading partners.”

ISOBUS Communication to Opus A6 and A8 Consoles

Also announced this week, Topcon has added ISOBUS universal terminal and task controller functionality to the Opus A6 and A8 consoles.
The universal terminal provides compatibility with a wide range of ISOBUS compliant ECUs (electronic control units) and includes additional functionality such as AUX-N support. The Topcon task controller is designed to allow the control of multiple products with variable rate along with section control across multiple booms.
For OEMs, the addition of ISOBUS to the Opus A6 and A8 is designed to add another dimension to the existing hardware and software development platform. It comes with multiple programming options, which cater to the OEM needs using the Opus Projektor.
For more information, visit www.topconpositioning.com/agriculture.