Trelleborg's ConnecTire is a sensor-based smart wheel which enables data sharing at multiple levels, reducing the risk of tire slippage on the rim. ConnecTire constantly monitors tire pressure and temperature which it relays to both tractor and farm mainframes via Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Operators set their target tire pressure and can then monitor how tire pressure deviates from that target and act accordingly. Should corrective action be required, ConnecTire automatically sends an alert via its app, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum machine safety.

ConnecTire's inbuilt GPS capability identifies the live position of the tractor helping to keep lone workers safe and safeguarding the tires and machine against risk of theft. In addition, with the help of precision farming software, farm managers are able to track the number of machine passes over every square inch of land, helping to limit soil compaction and erosion as much as possible.

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