CHAMPAIGN, Ill., ­– Agrible, an agronomy and technology services company based out of Illinois, will launch its retailer services in 2018, which will provide a digital, two-way communication system for the agricultural community. This will further enhance their grower-retailer relationship by making the direct connection between growers, retailers, sales personnel, and agronomy and analytics seamless.

“So many of our partners have asked us to deliver the best predictive analytics, systems integrations, and data management software, but in ways that allow them to work with their customers how they want to work with them,” says Paul Miller, Agrible's co-founder and Chief Science Officer. “Agrible’s retailer services let users schedule agronomic services, fully integrate those services from start to finish, and show the true value of their staff’s agronomic knowledge to their customers.” Agrible already integrates with many other agricultural business platforms, so all services and information is in one secure place.

"Agronomy is very localized, as it should be. Agrible’s retailer services offers the efficiency of a digital service along with the value of a personal relationship with the retailer, local agronomy, and knowledge," says Jason Little, Director of Sales at Agrible. “With these services, growers aren’t limited to brokered products and generics—they get the choice of all products on the market, along with local services and the knowledge base behind it all.”

Agrible’s retailer services alerts users to potential issues using predictive analytics paired with community-driven insights—on soils, local agronomy, logistics, weather, alerts, and other early information—so growers and agronomists can be proactive instead of reactive. With the digital customer interaction and messaging system, Agrible’s retailer services will drive actionable sales for all customer segments.