It didn’t take long for the team at Sabanto to make their mark in the ag tech industry.

They started building their first autonomy kit from scratch in a 3-car garage in September 2019, and just 7 months later were autonomously planting in the field.

Now they’re working hard to bring the Sabanto autonomy system to the marketplace.

VP of Product Cory Spaetti gives us a sneak peek at the technology and how it works. 

“Some of the componentry that we add to the vehicles would be things like the steering valve, electrohydraulic remote valves, obstacle detection cameras. On top of the vehicle we have our GPS receiver and our surveillance cameras. The 2 white colored wands are our LTE antennas. But at the heart of it all is our main control box. This control box, forgive the appearance we’re in the middle of testing our first prototypes, is the brain box of the whole system. It receives mission plans from our cloud infrastructure and basically it spits out all the commands to the steering valve, the break actuators, the rear remote valves and the hitches.

“All of our systems allow the tractor to be fully humanly operatable. So with the flick of 4 switches, we can go from manual mode to autonomy mode or in this case from autonomy mode to manual mode. So, it makes it easy to do things like load the vehicle onto the trailer or pull it into a field or pull it inside of the barn, all the things that farmers do today.”

We’ll have much more from our visit with Cory and Sabanto next month in the Day in the Cab feature on