There was a big product unveiling at the Precision Farming Dealer Summit. Verge Ag launched a new solution within its Launch Pad portfolio, called Equipment Explorer. And as Verge VP of Enterprise Operations Chad Matthies tells us — it’s unique because it’s designed specifically for dealers.  

“As you can see to my right, we have a screen that’s our brand-new solution that we’ve built for equipment dealers. It’s a solution that’s really unique because not too many software companies build solutions for equipment dealers to help them sell their products which is primarily ag equipment and the technology that goes with it.

“At Verge we’ve used our proprietary algorithm for path planning. The core, the foundation of our business is we’re a path planning company. A path plan is an optimal way for a machine to completely cover a field while avoiding all obstacles. And when you create a path plan you have headlands, you have inner tracks and you have turns. They all need to be composed and rolled up to create data that you can build analysis on.

 “With our Equipment Explorer solution, we have our proprietary algorithm that really drives that aggregate data. So, an equipment dealer can compare one piece of equipment to another piece of equipment on a customer’s actual field, which is truly unique. It’s the first of its kind in the marketplace.”

Matthies says Verge Ag is interested in gathering feedback from dealers and tailoring the solution to meet their needs as the software evolves over time.