Precision Farming Dealer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week:

22 Principles for Becoming a Better Agribusiness Leader

Shane Thomas of Upstream Ag Insights provides a refresher course on his 22 Mental Hacks for Agribusiness Professionals — tips for improving output, relationship building, critical thinking and professional development.

22 mental hacks

Ag Tech Company Develops Nitrogen-Fixing Technology for Corn

Farm Progress’ Willie Vogt has the scoop on a new product, developed by ag tech company Grace Breeding, capable of cutting nitrogen use up to 50% without impacting yield. The plant-based product is combined with bacteria and applied during planting. “You buy the twin pack; then you mix both in a tank mix in your field and go with in-furrow application during seeding,” says Assaf Dotan, CEO of Grace Breeding.

Rows of crops

Photo by: Willie Vogt

Strategies for Selling to a Consolidated Ag Customer Base

We regularly look at dealer and manufacturer consolidation — and maybe even get complaints from farm customers and outsiders about it. In this podcast from Damian Mason, he sits down with Midwest Ag Advisors to talk about farm consolidation and what strategies ag businesses can employ as the number of farm customers continues to shrink.

Asia’s Agriculture & Food Value Chain is “Primed for Innovation”

This article examines how technologies like artificial intelligence, sensors and drones will help tackle the challenges of meeting Asia’s food demand.

Farmer using AI

Photo by: Getty Images

Why Variable Rate Technology (VRT) Adoption Faces Hurdles

In this opinion piece, Kevin Hursh of The Western Producer, explains why most producers don’t believe VRT is worth the time, effort and money. “While adoption continues, it’s also true that some producers have decided to take a time out after trying it for a year or two. Much of this can be blamed on time constraints…Time lost to variable rate technology issues is unwelcome.”


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