Top Roundtable Takeaways from Precision Farming Dealer Summits

A Precision Farming Dealer Staff Report

Face-to-face roundtable discussions are always among the highlights of the Precision Farming Dealer Summit. The intimate sessions allow for dealer-to-dealer interaction and opportunities to ask questions, discuss challenges and share solutions to pressing precision problems.

The Precision Farming Dealer editorial staff sat in on these engaging discussions and brought back the top takeaways and insights from dealers on topics including the practical use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, successful approaches for selling used hardware and tips for finding the next generation of precision hire.



Bridging the Hardware Gap: Adding Agronomic Services

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #14
The roundtable topic of adding agronomic services drew a large crowd. To kick the conversation off, moderator John Marshall, integrated solutions manager for Wade Inc., took a quick poll to get a feel for how many in the room currently offered agronomy services. Of the 30 or so who sat in on this roundtable, roughly 20% had hired an agronomist.
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Autonomy in Ag: What Role Will I Play?

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #13
The first question tackled in this roundtable discussion was “What is autonomy?” Initially the group would have thought of driverless tractors completing tasks in the fields without an operator in the field.
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Probing the Moisture Sensor & Water Management Market

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #11
As water availability and usage becomes more important, dealers are tapping into opportunities to deliver precision products and services that allow farmers to be more economical with their water management practices. Here are 7 takeaways from the roundtable discussion at the 2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit
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Better Advice for Selling RTK Subscriptions

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #10
The phrase ‘accuracy is addicting’ is one many precision dealers use to describe the success they’ve had selling RTK subscriptions to farm customers.
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Bundling Service: What to Include & How to Price

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #9
The roundtable discussion focused on “bundling service” saw a packed room of roughly 70 or so precision professionals. Moderator Chris Arend with Equip IQ, started the discussion out with a simple question, “Why are you here?”
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Where Can I Find My Next Precision Hire?

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #8
Diversity, flexibility and hands-on experience are three desirable inclusions a recent graduate looks for in a precision farming job within a dealership.
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Aftermarket Opportunities: What am I Missing?

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #7
The group of precision farming professionals who participated in the roundtable covered a lot of ground, but a few key takeaways stood out. “The majority of our time was spent discussion optimization packages, specifically proactive optimization packages,” says Jaime Paquin, general manager of Reichhardt Electronic Innovations, who moderated the roundtable.
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UAVs: Ready for Takeoff? Or a Grounded Technology?

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #6
The unmanned aerial vehicle market exploded in agriculture roughly 3 years ago, but a dip in the ag economy along with regulatory changes regarding drone usage influenced the short-term popularity of the systems.
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Market Corrections: Lessons Learned During the Downturn

2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit — Roundtable #5
Moderated by John Schmeiser, CEO, Western Equipment Dealers Assn., the roundtable on lessons learned from the recent tough times received good and candid participation from dealers of many types, colors and sizes throughout North America.
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