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Whether it’s at a conference booth, a nearby dealership or even the local coffee shop, talk about farm data is everywhere.

But when there’s talk of farm data, it’s usually about the many collection methods, type of collection equipment, valuable uses for and safety of that data. Little is said about making sure the data being vacuumed up from fields all over the country is accurate.

The precision farming equipment responsible for pulling planting, yield, input application and many other types of farm data are highly advanced, but they aren’t infallible.

To get the biggest benefit out of farm data it must be as precise as possible. But to ensure that level of quality, farmers have to configure, calibrate and validate it in the field.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast Jeremy Wilson, technology specialist with Crop IMS in Effingham, Ill., shares his experience as both a service provider and farmer crunching the numbers to make farm data a decision-making precision tool.

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