Mobile Field and Farm App iCropTrak announces integration of the new John Deere wireless connection technology and DropBox in iCropTrak Version 4.0 for 2014. These technologies will allow for seamless movement of data between your Deere tractor, your iCropTrak enabled iPad, and Dropbox enabled clients, labs, and consultants like never before.

iCropTrak is a mobile farm data management system that combines a customizable collaborative iOS mobile app, a private cloud database, and 3rd party connections like and DropBox.

iCropTrak is designed to effortlessly collect soil samples, scout, and document farm efforts including tracking people and equipment.

Interfacing and iCropTrakTM lets you:

  • Pull: Get quick and seamless access to your tractor data. Load plant, spray, and harvest data automatically to your iCropTrak cloud. Sync allows everyone on your team who needs access to get the data. In minutes see your data on your iOS device in the field.
  • Track: Metadata from the tractor is used to automatically populate iCropTrak tractor forms by documenting time in the field, date and time of operations, crop planted, product applied, equipment used, and much more. Manually entering data will be a thing of the past, ensuring less human error. Once entered, use iCropTrak to see all your events for a given field and with innovative InfoPages, colorize the map using the data values to show what, where, and when an event happened.
  • Push: Create and track work orders to schedule people and equipment with dates, location, and tasks - with the configurations seamlessly sent to the tractor. The result will be job completed faster, while allowing others to get the latest status using their iOS mobile device.
  • Report: Generate reports by taking all the tractor data you have collected and combining it with data entered on the mobile device. Track cost, hours, and events for your fields which can be displayed on your HTML dashboard and/or printed as PDF reports.

iCropTrak was the first to have a soil sampling iOS app, first to have a farm management app on iPad, and now we’re innovating to make farming easier, smarter, and more informative by interfacing, Dropbox, and a number of 3rd party web systems in 2014.

Based in Tucson, AZ since 2009, Cogent3D, Inc. specializes in mobile GIS applications for soil sampling, scouting, asset management, and more. Cogent3D makes iCropTrak, PrecisionEarth, iGeoTrak, and GISRoam. or