As much as I’ve enjoyed visiting with our readers on this page during the past few months, you’ll have a new face to look at starting with the next issue of Precision Farming Dealer.

His name is Jack Zemlicka and he’s our new technology editor. He joined us just in the past few weeks and his job is to focus totally on precision farming technology and its application. And he’ll be covering it from all angles, from working with dealers and farmers to staying abreast of everything new in precision technologies by maintaining an open dialogue with manufacturers.

Jack will not only represent Farm Equipment and communicate with our dealership readers, but he’s also on the staff of No-Till Farmer and the Conservation Tillage Guide, where he’ll be interfacing on a regular basis with farmers.

Dealers understand that precision farming has become absolutely vital to their customers’ success. In an effort to meet farmers’ service demands, dealers have had to find and hire or develop talented individuals capable of satisfying these customer needs.

At the same time, we at Lessiter Publications also recognized that dealers and farmers are in need of an environment where they can discuss issues and solutions to the evolving challenges of precision farming. In response to our readers’ needs, we established this electronic newsletter for equipment retailers, as well as Strip-Till Strategies for our farming readership.

We’ve now taken the next step by investing in a full-time technology editor to continue developing the content our readers need to take full advantage of the rapidly emerging technologies of precision farming.

Jack will be contributing to both of these electronic publications, and eventually take full responsibility for their content. You’ll also see his byline in Farm Equipment and No-Till Farmer.

If you’re attending any of the many precision ag conferences and dealer meetings going on this summer, chances are good you’ll see Jack there. During the next few months, he has a full schedule of travel booked. As all veteran ag editors know, you need to be out there to get the real story. Jack will become a familiar face to both dealers and farmers in a very short time.