PLYMOUTH, Minn. — GEOSYS has confirmed an effort to constantly update satellite images of specific fields throughout the growing season. The latest images of fields — combined with pertinent agronomic data — are available to farmers and their dealership partners to optimize the in-season decisions they make.

The images are powered by new, exclusive technology from GEOSYS that arms dealers with the latest data to make decisions, such as determining appropriate crop protection and nutrient application, as focused and efficient as possible.

"This new, exclusive technology is really targeted at making every decision as profitable as possible for the farmer. Our technology helps dealers and agronomists better identify areas of a field that require immediate attention to protect yields for their farmers," says Norm Davy, senior vice president GEOSYS, Inc. "The remote field scouting tool uses the latest innovative GEOSYS technology to deliver these current satellite images throughout the growing season, and automatically distributes email alerts when new field images are added."

Available through a secure website, the up-to-date images can be converted into application maps using the most advanced agronomic models and geographic information systems to help farmers manage variations within their specific fields. During the 2012 crop year, the service is available exclusively through Winfield Solutions.

"GEOSYS helps ag professionals around the world manage spatial and temporal variability within farmers' fields to optimize yields, profitability and sound environmental practices," says Davy.

GEOSYS provides agribusinesses with decision support tools that make use of agronomics, and information technologies that include GIS and remote sensing. Decision support tools range from Worldwide risk management and supply monitoring of ag commodities with AgriQuest™, to field operations decision support with FarmSat™ that helps make decisions inside the field with precision farming and variable rate input application maps.

GEOSYS has offices in Europe (Toulouse, France) in North America (Minneapolis, Minn.), in Australia (Melbourne, Victoria) and most recently in South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil).