Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. announces a new option for its planters: ISOBUS-compatibility. This capability allows easy “plug and play” operation with any ISO-compatible tractor, including those sold by John Deere with GreenStar™ Displays. With this interconnectivity, farmers do not have to change monitors, displays, wiring harnesses, or electrical connectors with different implements from different manufacturers. The vehicle and equipment electronics speak the same language, enabling simpler operation than ever before. With ISO compatibility, one monitor in the tractor cab can run both the planter and the tractor, saving room in the cab and money on a second monitor, not to mention the time it takes to install a second monitor.

Kinze’s new technology means any ISOBUS-equipped tractor can be quickly connected using the ISOBUS standard tractor/implement connectors. The user interface presented to the operator is the same, regardless of the brand of tractor or virtual terminal. Additionally, all planter settings are saved on the planter, so switching between tractors becomes a non-issue.

“This new standard will bring even more convenience to farmers,” said Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch, vice president and chief marketing officer for Kinze. “We understand the importance of enabling efficiency and simplicity especially during planting, and ISO-compatibility will make an outstanding difference in giving more time back to farmers.”