Here are the most popular items we've put up on from the month of December.

The top article this month focused on John Deere's debut of its first electric tractor. John Deere was also the subject of another top article for the month as the company works to enhance the farm equipment operator’s ability to better monitor and control a wide variety of machine functions and field operations, introducing two new solutions for 2017.

Here's the entire list:

1. Deere Debuts Electric Tractor

2. John Deere Introduces Gen 4 Extended Monitor & Rate Controller 2000

3. Verizon is Digging into Precision Farming

4. Trimble Launches VerticalPoint RTK System

5. Pay-to-Play Adoption Can Pose Competitive Concerns

6. Is Precision Farming a Prisoner of its Own Progress?

7. [Webinar] Bridging the Precision Gap Part 3: Using Your Equipment Expertise to Provide Agronomic Answers

8. Growers Find Individual Nozzle Control Saves Inputs with Precision Application

9. Aggregated vs. Non-Aggregated Data. An Important Distinction.

10. Developments in Site-Specific Management & VR Sprayers

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