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2021 Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Advancing Autonomy: A Practical Primer for Preparing Your Dealership

Hear from precision dealers on how and when they see autonomous equipment evolving sales and service of farm equipment at the 6th Precision Farming Dealer Summit.
Farm equipment automation is on the minds of precision dealers, whether it’s a tangible reality or far-fetched fantasy within their business. But regardless of the take, it’s hard to ignore the impact the emerging technology will have on the ag industry.
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Day in the Cab

Emphasizing Efficiency Gains & Economic Return with Precision Service

Maximizing the minutes, even during a rainy day, Phil Moskal puts Mid-State Equipment’s customers on an affordable — and incremental — path to precision productivity.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Well, at least a couple of them. It was a cool and dreary day when I rode along with Phil Moskal, then precision farming specialist with Mid-State Equipment in 2013 for the first Day in the Cab profile in this series.
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2021 Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Precision Leadership Lessons: Defining Progress Through Experience, Risk & Innovation

Three past Most Valuable Dealership winners dissect the makes and misses that have shaped the recent progress and pain points within their precision farming business at the 6th Precision Farming Dealer Summit.
Success is never simple. The ability to overcome adversity, adapt to change and innovate out of necessity are cornerstones of every dealership recognized by Precision Farming Dealer’s Most Valuable Dealership program.
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2021 Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Powering Up Precision Productivity with Problem-Solving Peer Groups

Three members of an organically formed, but close-knit virtual precision management group share their top takeaways from the diverse dynamic at the 6th Precision Farming Dealer Summit.
Collaboration is usually the answer to solving a complex problem, and precision farming is no exception. Peer groups are a common way for small, independent dealers and larger, multi-store OEM retailers alike, to share ideas and strategies.
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